Johannes Holopainen | Running Man | Johannes Holopainen
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Running Man

A man in a suit searches desperately for something in a world devastated by ecological crises.

Dressed in a dark suit, a man runs in downtown Helsinki, becoming increasingly lost and out of breath. Running Man is a dramatised image of contemporary humanity: a hurried and lost figure in a world beset by ecological, economic and political crises. The work consists of several runs, each lasting for one hour, conducted once a week for one year. The runners are actors and dancers. The choreography of the runs is derived from the physical manifestations of psychological crisis reactions.


Running Man was a piece by artist Nestori Syrjälä. It won a competition arranged by public commission (Finnish State Art Commission & Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art) and ran for a year starting from summer 2016.


Johannes was the Running Man from January till May  2017 .


Nestori Syrjälä